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Flower Essences for Emotional Balance

Flower Essences are a vibrational remedy. Everything on this earth is made of atoms; all atoms are made of energy. All energy has a vibration, an electrical energy system. As humans, we too have an electrical energy system that can be negatively affected by life’s stresses. When we become stressed, it affects our emotional, spiritual and mental states, and our electrical fields become unbalanced. Flowers have vibrational electrical fields; they are filled with Divine wisdom and life force energy. Each kind of flower essence has a high frequency electrical solution; and when we take in their high frequency, we take in nature’s healing gift to us. Flower essences can help correct the energies that are out of alignment within our electrical energy fields. http://www.gardenplum.com

Dr. Edward Bach, an English physician, (d. 1936) realized that emotional imbalances are the underlying cause of dis-ease. A highly sensitive person, he experimented and found that flower and tree vibrations could help restore balance, similar to homeopathy—another vibrational remedy. The flower essences are made by putting blossoms in spring water in the sun. After about four hours, the water is mixed with brandy to preserve the energy signature and bottled. (Note: they can be made with vegetable glycerin.) Dr. Bach explained how the essences work: “They cure, not by attacking the disease, but by flooding our bodies with the beautiful vibrations of our Higher Nature, in the presence of which disease melts as snow in the sunshine.” They don’t have fragrance as they’re not essential oils; they’re more subtle.

I was certified as a practitioner by the Flower Essence Society (FES) in Nevada City (www.flowersociety.org) in 2008. I love the blossoms in my organic garden and have made many essences, combining flowers, sun, crystals and Reiki energy. I write an affirmation on the bottle to use Dr. Emoto’s principles (www.masaru-emoto.net/english/e_ome_home.html). I also have the original Bach remedies, many from FES and Perelandra, and over 70 I’ve made from my garden. Think about what growth you’d like to make in your emotional life and we can make a mixture or start with one essence.

Take 4 drops, four times a day, under the tongue. Or you can put on your wrists or behind the ears, like perfume. The body is most receptive before and after sleeping or meditating.

Kay reported, I feel calm, grounded, an inner peace that I have not ever really felt for real, a letting go of knots in my stomach…peace in my mind…refreshed…like I can tackle all that is in front of me. The flower essence tells the energy field to open up. Then I can do the work I need to do. Since I’ve been working on my stuff, the essence is able to do its part of the healing work.


Gayle Kimball, Ph.D. www.gaylekimball.info, earthhavenchico@hotmail.com,  to customize your personal remedy for balance. Personal coaching/clairvoyant readings too.



These are combinations of about six flowers each (if you don’t see your goal, call Dr. Gayle):

Pure Energy

Healing Hope

Sweet Dreams

Deep Relaxation

Joyful Heart

Strong Immune System

Deserve Prosperity

Clear Focus


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  3. I was quite interested to learn about this line of flower essences, as I am only familiar with the Bach essences. It is useful to know that they can be prepared with vegetable glycerin, as so many people are sensitive to alcohol.

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