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How to Ground with a Grounding Pipe from Essential Energy Tools by Gayle Kimball


A grounding pipe or cord is a line of energy from you into

the earth that makes you feel secure and grounded, and allows for

release and for cleansing your space. The more widely used term

is grounding cord, but it’s actually more like a pipe, in that it’s hollow

to release excesses and toxins from the body. It also creates an

anchor to make you feel strong and connected to mother earth as

you use your energy tools. It’s has very practical applications, like

my Japanese students who use it to find a seat on the crowded



Sit in a chair, rather than on the floor, as the 1st chakra

would bring in too much earth energy. A chair also helps to maintain

a straight spine and neck. Feel your tailbone at the base of your

spine with your hand, saying hello to the chakra that provides a

sense of security. Ground your 1st chakra to feel secure and safe.

In women, the chakra is near the ovaries and in men it’s a bit lower.

About the size of a 50 cent piece or the circle of first finger and

thumb, its funnel-shaped vortices bring subtle energy into the

meridians and into nearby glands and organs.


Imagine you have a powerful flashlight to shine down from

the bottom of your spine all the way to the center of the planet.

Remember we’re playing with symbols or pictures as a way to

move energy, in this case a technique to create a line of connection

from you to the earth. Or, think of a laser beam of light shining

from your tailbone to the center of the earth, plugging in an extension

cord, creating a carpenter’s line, or your own image of a line

connecting two points. Put something you like down in the center

of the earth to attract your attention there.


If you have difficulty creating a line all the way down, like

many people I see, imagine a ship anchoring in a harbor. Throw a

big chain anchor down from the base of your spine; let gravity take

it all the way down to the center of the planet. Tug on the anchor

to make sure it’s securely attached. Deborah imagines an earth

screw, flowing with a river of lava for transmutation, into a round

cave in the center of the earth. Steam is created by the lava and

makes informative images, like clouds of different shapes.


The pipe should be hollow, defined, strong, and straight,

with a smooth center so nothing sticks on the way down to the

center of the earth. Imagine sparkly neon gem stones or neon color

strips along the outside to help you see it on your screen all the

way down to the middle of the earth. Don’t visualize grounding out

of your feet or hands, as you’ll use them to bring in healing energy.

Release out of the base of your spine to stabilize the 1st chakra.


Steffy found that her grounding cord is stronger if she uses

a concrete column or an electric yellow beam of light: “I was able

to stay centered and be in neutrality while grounding a parking spot

for myself during one of the busiest hours. I found a spot right in

front of the building where I needed to be.” This happens so often

to my students, we take it for granted. A goal and a project can be

grounded with your intention. You can also help ground a community,

such as during a natural disaster or war.


Create a grounding cord along the line of connection

your’ve created, perhaps a flowing waterfall or a massive tree. Jan’s

grounding looks like the transparent thick stem of a rose, with

brightly colored gem stones on the outside. She sees many colors

in it, lthen a wash of blue and black which she releases, followed by

goldhoney to clean out her cord. Alex thinks of his grounding cord

this way:


I imagine a tree with really long roots going to the center of the

earth. The roots help hold the tree in place and get nutrients,

as well as eliminate the tres’s waste products. I create a chain,

a tube, or whatever works for me to expell negative vibes. I did

feel somewhat emotionally ligher after this exercise.


To ground your body, do the exercises described on pages

157 to 161 and in Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine and do the following

simple Neurolink tools to start your day. Hold your hands

about half an inch away from your ears to remove stress caused by

computers, TVs, and microwaves. While still in bed, take a deep

breath, and point your toes. As you exhale, lightly fluff your fingers

on the skull above the top of your ears. Next put four fingers

between the navel and the right side of your pubic bone. Press

down an inch and hold five minutes to stimulate the large intestine

to release toxins (neurolinkglobal.com).


We create best when we’re happy and relaxed so we can

concentrate on the goal. Create in the present, rather than thinking

about the past or future. Imagine a timeline in front of you, from

1 to 100, representing the years of your life. Ask to see where your

focus is now. If it’s not at your present age, bring the number back.

from the past or future. Simply put today’s date on your grounding

pipe and your name to own it. Ground and bring a gold sun through

your present age. You can also set the cord at a color that feels

good to your body now and think of something amusing. Notice

how your body feels as you ground, perhaps more relaxed or solid.

Add a smile when you ground to strengthen your field.


To use your grounding cord, again put your attention on

the base of the spine. You can imagine a little ball of light there.

Intend for your grounding cord to be firmly coupled to the 1st

chakra, like a lid on a jar, as wide around as your hips, and firmly

attached to the center of the earth. Then imagine taking a bubble

bath with candles around the tub. When you’re clean and relaxed,

pull the plug and watch the dirty water go down the drain/grounding

pipe. Or just push a release button or turn on the garbage disposal.

Flush anything in your body or auric field that is ready to be

cleaned out down the grounding pipe, perhaps fear or not feeling

good about yourself. Just think “release” or “clear.”


If you don’t feel your grounding pipe working, look at an

imaginary personal TV screen in front of your eyes and ask to see

the pipe, sense it, or get an intuitive knowing about it. You’re probably

not grounding deep or wide enough, or the cord isn’t firmly

attached at the base of your spine. Don’t try to fix the cord; with

no effort, just drop it and start over with the clear intention to

ground and release.


Create a new grounding cord when you wake up in the

morning and put the date on it to be in the present. You can think

about releasing from your grounding cord whenever you hear

water go down a drain pipe. You can also use it to clear out painful

spots in your body, creating a cord from the middle of the place

that hurts, down to the planet with the intention of clearing any

blocks or stuck energy. Breathe into the place of the most intense

discomfort, feel it, and ground it, like using Lamaze breathing during

child birth. You can also release pain out of the feet into the




It’s OK to ground other people with their own energy, but

keep your energy out. This is the only tool which can be directed

at someone else without permission. Just think “ground” and imagine

the grounding cord the person creates. When working on

someone else’s grounding pipe, set the intention of grounding in his

or her energy vibration. During a phone session, Elaine and I were

clearing her communication with her grandfather; we both felt his

rose recoil as she grounded it. We stopped and brought in a gold

sun with his own energy. Jake reports,


I worked on grounding a frantic co-worker. I visualized a

cable pulling down her center of energy and plugging it into the

center of the earth. I stayed focused on keeping her grounded

as she expressed the stress she was feeling. Within twenty

minutes, she told me that my energy was helping her gain focus

and she was glad I was near her physical space. I did not tell

her I was working on grounding her so I felt amazed that she

expressed she was experiencing this effect.


Joe, an attorney, faced an irritating opposing attorney in

court who frequently jumped up to make objections. Joe said nothing,

but grounded him. At the end of the day, the judge commented

on the change in his behavior. After an energy tools workshop

at her office, Beth, a dental assistant, faced a squirming little boy in

her chair. She grounded herself, then him. She did such a good job

he feel asleep, so they could do the dental work easily.



You can also ground your projects to clean out any problems

and allow you to get the job done without anxiety or procrastination.

Joselyn grounded a college paper she’d put off writing

and got it done easily. Ground your bed before sleep, ground meetings

and goals; the uses are limitless–including mundane things.

Catherine needed to go to her bank. Usually it’s so crowded, she

can’t find a parking place. She grounded a place as she was driving

there. Just as she arrived, someone pulled out and she had her

place. Miki says, “I ground a room if I become uncomfortable or

nervous, as I now recognize such energy as being external in origin.”

Also ground things you lose like keys and glasses.


Healer and author Barbara Brennan visualizes a line from

the center of the earth, up to a point below the navel (hara is the

Japanese word for this energy center used in martial arts), up to

just above the heart, to the crown chakra, and out to the universal

source—symbolized as a core star. Try creating this hara line and

see if you feel more connected to the earth. Notice when it gets



Another fun way to clear your energy field is to put anything

you want to get rid of in a balloon with your breath, blow up the

balloon and pop it. Or breathe in, hold your breath for about four

counts, and exhale deeply as if through a straw. I walk around campus

using this technique when ever I get a bit irritated or stressed.

Judy suggests, “Put your heavies in a God box and send your troubled

thoughts out into the universe to heal.” Since we always fill in

with a gold energy after releasing, imagine a gold sun flowing over

into your head and down through every cell in your body.


Try walking on a narrow board, or riding a skateboard or

bike while grounded and then ungrounded.





et sec 1 & 2 to p. 215, 06.qxd 11/1/2008 10:04 AM Page 61




Have your partner stand and decide to ground or unground

without telling you her choice. Give a gentle push to her shoulders

to see if she is grounded or ungrounded. See if you feel a difference

if your partner changes grounding from something like a concrete

pipe to a waterfall. To unground, think about being someplace else,

like going to a tropical paradise to get out of your body. Reverse.

Do the same thing when one person walks towards the other; see

if you can tell if the walker is grounded or ungrounded. If working

with a group, decide to all ground at the same time; then unground

and feel the difference as you stroll around the room.


Ask your partner to sit in a chair and ground. To help him,

with his permission you can gently put your hands on the tops of

his shoulders while thinking about grounding. You may be able to

get a sense of his cord. Hold your hand near the grounding cord to

feel if it goes all the way to the center of the planet. Note how wide

it is, and observe if it’s releasing. Look at your reading screen to see

the cord and tune into your intuition. This takes practice; you’ll feel

the difference if you check out a number of people’s grounding

cords. Some feel smooth with a flowing release, some gush like an

oil well, others release rhythmically like unfolding a folded wooden

measuring stick.


Think of something that you don’t feel confident about,

ground it, and then try it. An example is taking dance lessons or

learning a new sport.


As you encounter people during your day, alternate grounding

only yourself, only the other person, both of you, and neither of

you. You can consciously unground by going out of the room in the

center of your head and see what happens. Do people act differently

when you’re grounded?


Journal Questions: Who in your family of origin is grounded


and who is ungrounded? Look into their eyes and see if there’s


a difference. Who do you most resemble? When and where do


you feel the most grounded? The most ungrounded? What are


the results of grounding your projects, pets, parking places, co



workers, kids, etc.?


Kids, and your inner child, can color and cut out a paper


animal tail, and safety pin it near their tail bone, perhaps with






et sec 1 & 2 to p. 215, 06.qxd 11/1/2008 10:04 AM Page 62




a coin taped to the bottom to keep it grounded. Jamie, age


nine, drew a mountain peak as her grounding cord. The possibilities are limitless.


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