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Life Aura Colors


 A summary of Life Colors by Donna Eden (CD) influenced by Nancy Tappe (her book Understanding Your Life Through Colors

Your life color is different from your aura in that it remains the same from birth to death. You share a similar basic lesson with other people in your type. The etheric and morphic fields also don’t change, but the rest of the aura does. The planet, countries, and historical eras also have their own color. The US is green and so was the earth in the 1890s, a period of prosperity. The blue era began around 1927 and was a time of welfare and taking care of others. In 1990 the world became violet, having to do with spiritual cleansing. The 1960s were also violet.

Violet: spiritual searchers, deep meaning, the majority of people at Eden’s workshops. After indigos, they’re the oldest souls. Often need to be shaken up during their lives (health, career, marriage breakup) to consider power issues. They’re pacifists, but can throw other people off. Violets are meant to enjoy the body. Men can be narcissist, need to be seen, smart, strong but soft inside, get bored, and have conflict between ego and soul. There are fewer violet women; it’s easier for them because violet is a feminine color.

Blue: usually female and also gay men, want to support and care for others. They don’t care about being leaders but don’t have gurus. They lead from their hearts. They need to learn to stand their ground and establish boundaries. It’s hard for them to throw things away. No color is more in touch with the body; if a blue doesn’t like her body, it can be painful and cause panic. They don’t hold grudges, may forgive too quickly, let people off the hook,  be enablers, and in denial. They’re born optimists. If they lose it, health problems can ensue. May experience conflict between idealism and realism.

Indigo: this is a new color; the Indigo children can blend heart and mind, are creating a new version of humans, a different energy, and humanists. But they can short circuit, as they’re somatic intuitives and know when they’re being lied to. They may act out what other people are suppressing, as in the classroom. This can result in ADD and Asberger’s Syndrome.

Green: Entrepreneurs like Howard Hughes and Donald Trump and the United States. Many are Woods (Chinese Five Elements typology). Wealth is important to them. They process information quickly like Johnny Carson and have quick wit. Education and degrees are important to them. They can be impatient and expect you to take their advice. They’ don’t want to follow or lead, but people may follow them because they’re original and brilliant and like intellectual stimulation. If they think it they manifest it. They’re impersonal and not judgmental.

Yellow: The most fun-loving, free-spirited, energetic and childlike. They’re sensitive and optimistic, can get their feelings hurt, Addictive personalities. They’re absolute, abrupt, leaders, stubborn. They need to be more willing to bend. They’re warriors but not fighters, think strategically with their tongues, very mental debaters and negotiators. They need to learn to lose gracefully. Not motherly. Very mental and they’re psychic. If they don’t respect the teacher, they don’t do well in school. If stumped, they take a nap. The men often don’t marry until later after establishing their careers. They value loyalty number one.

Red: Physical, sensual, they love life–Mae West, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor. Madonna is a red violet. A main lesson is not to allow others’ judgments to make them feel guilty. They’re attracted to mental people. They’re good actors and dancers in sensual parts. They love drama, shouting, and intensity. They often think the same things makes everyone happy. They’re fun moms and natural healers. They think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.  The men are natural fighters. They prefer self-employment and good at getting things done.

Orange: Mental, frugal, pragmatic, analytical, they include firefighters, daredevils they push life to the limits. The greater the risk the better; like racecar drivers, they don’t analyze or reflect on life. They’re resourceful, often don’t want a mate or family. Heroes, they attract women. They teach us not to be afraid, to take risks.

Crystal: They make high sacrifice, are old souls, clear channels for healing energy.  They have the ability to intensify energy in their own bodies to heal others. They reflect back to people what they need to grow, like a mirror. They can be chameleons to match other people. They love to read and write and they love theater, arts. They need time for themselves because they absorb muck from others.

Maroons: big wonderful hearts and often big voluptuous bodies.

Magentas: Need to learn to say what they want and build egos, maybe slaves in past lives.

Pink: Touchy, affectionate, many nuns are pink, may want to please too much. Don’t want to buck the system, give energy to others.

Copper: hold space so things can happen, provide stability, have big energy fields, like the outdoors.

Tans: very capable, modest, and imitate and do it better like Japan. Ford, Nixon, Eisenhower, Carter, and Clinton. Their ability to analyze is their gift and shortcoming. They focus on detail, are cautious. They’re good dads. Women aren’t tans. Three kinds exist: yellow: are methodical, habit bound, methodical, logical, do well as computer analysis’s. Greens are environmentalists, thrive in nature, and may find it hard to express themselves. Rose blues are sensitive, service oriented, and thrive in secure stable relationships.

Lavender: men and women are very different. The men are very reliable, loners, pioneers, can get aggressive and loud at times. The women often live in fantasy, connect to fairies and other dimensions, they tend to leave the body during conversations. One type is slight and doesn’t gain weight and the other is robust and full-bodied. She is often looking for someone to follow, and may not belief in herself. She needs to learn to stand on her own two feet. Often attracts takers. Like home and nature; can be frustrated in the real world holding a job and paying bills.

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  1. Hi you have a cool website It was very easy to post I am impressed

  2. Thank you for providing this summary. I came across life colours in Donna Eden’s class called Colors, Auras and the Psychic Realm, and very much wanted to know more. I just emailed Innersource to see if I could get the Life Colours CD as a download as I’m in Scotland and don’t even own a CD player! Alas, no. Have you found any other resources that can provide information? I’m pretty sure I’m a Violet and my husband is a Copper, and I’d love to know more about both. Thanks again. `

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