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Children and Their Parents’ Divorce

Children can progress well after their parents’ divorce if both parents spend loving time with them and the parents keep any conflict away from the kids. Over 250 young people share how they coped with their parents’ divorce and 20 counselors add their insights. Includes a chapter for adults on research about the topic. High school students illustrated each chapter of the book.


Chapters include How to Survive the Divorce, Making Sense of the Separation, Naming your Feelings, Getting Help, Family Fun to Get Through Tough Times, Going Back and Forth Between Two Homes, Staying Close to Both Parents, Parents’ Dating and Remarriage, School Success, Your Future, For Your Parents.


“In this very readable book, Dr. Gayle Kimball provides the facts about parental divorce to kids from kids. Content, language and style make this an important book for young people” Judith Bauersfeld, Ph.D., past president of the Stepfamily Association of America.


How to Survive Your Parents’ Divorce: Kids’ Advice to Kids. Gayle Kimball, Ph.D.

Equality Press. Order from earthhavenchico@hotmail.com


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