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Global Warming Doubter Rick Perry

In an interview with Parade Magazine, October 23, 2011, Rick Perry–candidate for president, said:

Have you seen the film An Inconvenient Truth?
No, ma’am.

Have you read the book?
No. I generally don’t watch or read a lot of fiction.

Many believe global warming caused the wildfires in your state. What do you think?
Historically in Texas, we’ve always had substantial periods of drought. World temperatures have also been changing for millennia. I truly believe the science is not settled on the issue of man-made global warming.

Does his statement mean he hasn’t heard of Gore‘s influential book? Or is he being coy and implying it’s fiction? Seems like the former to me. Most scientists agree the planet is warming due to a population of 7 billion and all the toxins we release into the atmosphere. So sad there are so many politicians/ostriches with their heads in the sand of ignorance.


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