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What drives future social change according to Al Gore

Al Gore identifies the six revolutionary drivers of global change in his book of that name as:

*An interconnected global economy and electronic communications grid. This leads to “the awakening of the Global Mind” or “Earth Inc.” to reform inequities.


*Power shifting from West to East, from nations to private groups, and from politics to markets. This shift is associated with dysfunctional governance in the US and the world community and with increasing inequality between rich and poor in both developed and developing nations–with the exception of Latin America.[i] In the US, the top 1% has more wealth than the bottom 90% and Congress can’t make laws without permission from lobbyists. Democracy and capitalism have been hacked. The global recession of 2008 resulted in the loss of 27 million jobs.


*Unsustainable growth in population and consumption of resources, plus climate change. About a quarter of the 90 million tons of pollution we put into the atmosphere daily will last more than 10,000 years. Gore advocates starting with a tax on carbon omissions to reduce global warming.


*New science technologies that permit seizing control over evolution, including nanotechnology, 3D printing, and artificial intelligence.[ii]

[i] Al Gore. The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change. Random House, 2013, p. 9.


[ii] v


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