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Kid’s Deep Questions

          Since a  photograph is worth a 1,000 words, this little book uses images to spark family discussion of important questions on the minds of young people. I added brief comments to initiate your thinking process about the meaning of life!

          I started asking open-ended questions of young people in 2002 and eventually surveyed or interviewed over 4,000 students from 88 countries, as reported on in a series of books. They want to know why we’re here and what happens after death, as well as questions about our world from a science and social science point of view. I found them to be very caring about helping other people. Now young children are taking a lead in advocating environmentalism to stop climate change, like a nine-year-old Zayne Cowie who wrote a book titled Goodbye, Earth. They know a lot because of their access to the internet. For example, when I told eight-year-old Soren that I interviewed a Nobel Peace Prize in Physics, I asked him what physicists study. He said, “Anomalies in space-time.”

         I invite you to share your answers and more questions here.


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