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Global Youth Culture: How are Youth Transforming Our Future?

See http://youtu.be/Eu35zi1eClo for photos and a video presentation about global youth.


Global Youth Culture

*[photo of Joa] I’d like to start our exploration of the global youth community with this photograph. Then we’ll explore four questions.

1. Where do you think this teenager lives?


For the last 8 years, I’ve traveled around the world doing research for a book on how global youth are transforming our future, collecting 3,800 responses to the book questions from 73 countries. I stayed with families in Brazil, China, Cuba, Egypt, England, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Switzerland and Tanzania.


1. Is there a global youth community?

I was surprised to discover an urban youth culture that transcends national boundaries. Because of electronic communication unique to their generation, youth share music, slang, clothing styles, and values as Jao illustrates and Maham, a Pakistani 13-year-old explains.


If youth meet from 10 different countries with different religions and backgrounds, they will have ideas in common, now that globalization is common and cultural boundaries are reducing. The habits include image consciousness, being tech savvy, living life for today, ignoring consequences of their actions, and being reactive. I feel most of them have complaints about restrictions on them or have problems with how their parents don’t get them right. I certainly do believe that there is a global youth. All the youth can stand together and fight against the differences. Maham, 13, f, Pakistan


2. What characterizes this global community?

A recent survey of 15,000 young people from 24 countries found what defines them is a sense of global community, tolerance, and a desire to share and connect.


Nini, 22, told me about the influence of the global media on her family’s activities and values in New Delhi, India, as you can see on our YouTube interview listed under TheGlobalyouth: She said,


We’ve been influenced by western culture, because of the media. Youth are not as reserved due to westernization. We have the freedom to go out and study and establish a profession, while my mother’s generation married at 20. More women are aware of women’s rights. TV shows educate and motivate women.

People then were more involved with the extended family, now we’re more nuclear family. We don’t live jointly as much, although my uncles live below us. We hardly see family because we’re so busy. My father tries to get the family together every weekend [all three young people live at home but the two in their 20s work and take classes].

We’re more money oriented, instead of values. We’re influenced by the Internet. As kids, we were more likely to go out and play and now kids use IPod and Xbox and gain weight. Little kids know the world because of the Internet. [Her observation was backed up by a recent market survey of over 4,000 kids 6 to 12 from 12 countries that found them aware of global problems like the economy and the environment.]


3. What concerns them?

*This is the largest, best educated, and healthiest generation in history. But there’s a widening gap between the rich and the poor. About 40% of the world lives on $2 a day or less, three-quarters of them in rural areas. [photo] This is Marshal, an illiterate girl in NW Pakistan. You can read an interview with her on my blog on WordPress. She has no power over her own life, only briefly met her fiancé, and says she has no fun in her life. interviewed by Hassan, a university student who teaches in the literacy program we started because of Mashal, when he asked


When have you felt most loved by someone else? Mashal replied,

 Never. My parents have not studied much so they don’t show their emotions. In fact, they don’t understand. I have never felt loved by anyone. Everyone orders me to do work for them. I just stay home, do the household chores everyday, and listen to my parents complain about food, work, money, etc.


*The economic problems facing young people, who have the highest unemployment rate world-wide, resulted in a cascade of youth-led uprisings against inequality starting in 2011: Tunisia to Egypt and Yemen, to Spain, Greece and Israel, to Chile, the US, Russia, and most recently to Turkey and Brazil. [map] Kids as young as 10 are leading reforms and you’ve probably heard of Malala, the 16-year-old champion of education for girls.


4. *How is this community of youthful changemakers different from the 1960s activists? How will they change our future?

This generation values horizontal rather than vertical organizing, pride themselves on being leaderless and are not ideological. They’re egalitarian. No radical today would say what Stokley Carmichael, head of SNCC, commented in 1964 when asked the position of women in his organization—“prone.”


*The bottom line for the global future is the environment. Rural kids I talked with don’t know about global warming, but they don’t do much to pollute. Urban youth are concerned about it, but a UN study found that like us, they haven’t gotten that our lifestyles need to fundamentally change. The Dalai Lama said the world will be saved by Western women, but I’d change that to global youth because of their access to information and their ability to quickly organize large groups of peers.


If this topic interests you, I can email you a draft of the book. And let me know if you know youth who’d like to be included. My email is gkimball@csuchico.edu.



An Egyptian Describes the July, 2013, Coup

This is from a teacher friend who lives near Cairo. 

Regading the demonstrations they were hugely amazing and they were wide nation . I hope you’ve watched them on TV . I’d like you and all Americans to know that all the squares all over Egypt were exactly like Tahrir Square and all Egyptians asked the military to take the side of the people and help us to remove the dictator, terrorist and criminal Morsy who was asking his supports ( Muslim Brotherhood) to fight us , his opponents ( the majority of Egyptians) and use violence and cause chaos in the country. But thanks God the Egyptians won and gained their freedom and gave the criminal Morsy ,who  keeps claiming that he wants to maintain legitimacy by causing civil war in the country, a hard lesson and taught him  that the ballot is not a guarantee to any oppressive ruler to keep running our country and the people of the country are the Master and the ruler is just a public servant and should serve all  his people  and not discriminate and he should fulfill his promises of freedom , justice ,  maintaining dignity for his people , otherwise he should leave.  So I want you to know that the position of the American media is so misleading to the world as it support Morsy and his regime , who called on America to support him by sending him the American military to oppose and fight his people and the Egyptian army, and he  wants the world to believe it was a coup . But the fact is the military proved its patriotism and took the side of people and helped us to remove the criminal after the repeated calls from Egyptians to the military to intervene. So the intervention of the military came afterwards people’s calls .And right now in Egypt all Egyptians are so mad from the position of America towards our revolution  and they say that the American government is a supporter of terrorists and dictators and America is a hypocrite democracy as it contradicts its principals when it comes to its interests. So all Egyptians here try to clear the position of the military to the whole world and the minister of defense declared that Egypt is on a transitional phase and according to the constitution the Chief Jude of the constitutional court sworn in yesterday, as a temporary president till  we make a new constitution instead of the very oppressive constitution by Morsy and the Muslim Brotherhood and after that there will be a parliamentary elections and a presidential elections . So the military doesn’t rule .
This is a message from Egyptians to the misled American people. The situation right now is still unstable as the Muslim Brotherhood are trying to cause chaos and attack the military and his generals through the social media and try to damage its image by spreading the misleading news that it was a coup by the Egyptian generals. And they try to mobolise and use violence against their opponents. But i’m sure stability will happen soon. 


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