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How Planets Form


Kid’s Deep Questions

          Since a  photograph is worth a 1,000 words, this little book uses images to spark family discussion of important questions on the minds of young people. I added brief comments to initiate your thinking process about the meaning of life!

          I started asking open-ended questions of young people in 2002 and eventually surveyed or interviewed over 4,000 students from 88 countries, as reported on in a series of books. They want to know why we’re here and what happens after death, as well as questions about our world from a science and social science point of view. I found them to be very caring about helping other people. Now young children are taking a lead in advocating environmentalism to stop climate change, like a nine-year-old Zayne Cowie who wrote a book titled Goodbye, Earth. They know a lot because of their access to the internet. For example, when I told eight-year-old Soren that I interviewed a Nobel Peace Prize in Physics, I asked him what physicists study. He said, “Anomalies in space-time.”

         I invite you to share your answers and more questions here.


Notes on January 13, 2016 Chopra Center Webcase, “Sacred momentum: The Divine Method for Creating Your Best Year Yet.”


Deepak: Dharma is your calling, the bliss of following your higher purpose. Come into alignment, in the flow, synchronicity, and grace, being at the right place at the right time. Say no regrets, no anticipation. All you have is this moment of flow. You don’t have to do anything. Doing gets in the way. Follow signs and surprising coincidences, non-local. They should be natural occurrences when you’re in touch with your true self that doesn’t mind unpredictability. Higher consciousness is involved in an opportunity you didn’t anticipate. Preparedness means being in the moment, relaxed, centered, in touch with your inner being, not being distracted. Enjoy what you do, one thing at a time.

Resolutions in the traditional sense never work. Tell yourself I’ll make choices that will give me joy in the moment, now. Am I making enjoyable choices with enjoyable people? Everything else follows.

Important to set intentions for your highest good and pay attention to synchronicities and coincidences that show opportunities in harmony with your higher goals. “Syncro-destiny” is the universe sending clues.



Renee Renald: who is stressed? Me. Who am I? Stop and meditate for a few minutes in the car before going home.

Don’t dig up the seed, just nurture it. Don’t overplan. We’re taught no pain, no gain, hard work. This doesn’t bring lasting happiness. The best way to become successful is to understand yourself first so you live from flow, work with the universe rather than swimming against the current.

Photos of earth from space


Jesus Was a Radical Feminist

Jesus was a radical who violated Old Testament rules like not touching a bleeding woman or talking with prostitute and overturning the money changers’ tables in the temple. He taught the spirit of the law rather than the letter. He thought the end time was imminent so he emphasized personal salvation rather than legalism. A feminist, he discussed theology with women, breaking another taboo. He said Mary made the wise decision to discuss ideas with him rather than be in the kitchen with Martha, although traditionally women didn’t study the Torah. Women traveled with him and were first there at the resurrection. He said being rich made it difficult to achieve salvation and that we should care for the poor as emphasized by Pope Francis who is upsetting the Vatican establishment. Jesus said to be like a child and turn the other cheek, instead of the Old Testament notion of an eye for an eye and a vengeful Jaweh. All the politicians who say they are Christian seem not to have read the New Testament.

Donald Trump Demagogue Language

“His entire campaign is run like a demagogue’s — his language of division, his cult of personality, his manner of categorizing and maligning people with a broad brush,” said Jennifer Mercieca, an expert in American political discourse at Texas A&M University. “If you’re an illegal immigrant, you’re a loser. If you’re captured in war, like John McCain, you’re a loser. If you have a disability, you’re a loser. It’s rhetoric like Wallace’s — it’s not a kind or generous rhetoric.”

“And then there are the winners, most especially himself, with his repeated references to his wealth and success and intelligence,” said Ms. Mercieca, noting a particular remark of Mr. Trump’s on Monday in Macon, Ga. (“When you’re really smart, when you’re really, really smart like I am — it’s true, it’s true, it’s always been true, it’s always been true.”)

“Part of his argument is that if you believe in American exceptionalism, you should vote for me,” Ms. Mercieca said.

Historically, demagogues have flourished when they tapped into the grievances of citizens and then identified and maligned outside foes, as McCarthy did with attacking Communists, Wallace with pro-integration northerners and Mr. Buchanan with cultural liberals. These politicians used emotional language — be it “segregation forever” or accusatory questions over the Communist Party — to persuade Americans to pin their anxieties about national security, jobs, racial diversity and social trends on enemy forces.


It’s better to give a person a fishing pole than a fish, so I like teaching how to use the power of thought and intention. I teach clairvoyance and healing online to small groups. Much of what I’ve learned is in my book Essential Energy Tools, illustrated with three DVDs, plus a meditation CD and “Kids’ Mind Power” CD. I like to do phone readings with individuals because I’m not influenced by what I see; it’s more purely reading from the quantum information field or what ancient Indians called the Akashic Records. My goal is to facilitate clearing blocks to achieve goals. A graduate of the the Berkeley Psychic Institute trained me in an intensive year-long course. I also use energy psychology tools such as acupressure point tapping to clear obstacles to success.

Gayle Kimball, Ph.D.     http://www.gaylekimball.info

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