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Complementary Healing Methods

In addition to mainstream medical practice, complementary techniques help get well. A body heals more effectively if it’s balanced and charged with chi. Eat fresh veggies and fruit and juice more veggies to drink. Read Dr. Andre Weil’s book Spontaneous Healing. Exercise daily in the sun and do deep breathing to bring in healing chi and read Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine. The body manifests your beliefs, as we saw above, so give thanks each day that your immune system is strong and your body is healing, and becoming fully aware of any lessons involved, such as it’s time to pay attention to your inner life. Visualize gold suns emptying out healing energy from head to toe through every cell. On the energy side, do cross-crawls from opposite elbow to knee and imagine looking at horizontal infinity signs or lazy 8s for a bilateral rather than unhealthy homolateral orientation of your energy field. Author and healer Barbara Brennan sees the first layer of the aura, the template for the physical body, as vertical blue lines. Rub your palms together and send gold healing flames from your fingertips to comb the blue lines so they’re evenly spaced, no gaps or tangles.

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