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January 2016 Lotus Guide column


Q: My mother was critical and unpredictable so as an adult I carry around a fair amount of worry. What can I do?

A: Think of a variety of shoes, ranging from the old woman who lived in a shoe to something a monarch or a rock star would wear. Pick out one, fill it with worry, and let it drop and turn to dust. Sometimes being afraid of when the next shoe will drop is more draining that facing the worst and then letting it go.


Q: People talk about mind over matter, but is there any evidence that this is true?

A: Plenty. My favorite is that people with multiple personality disorder have very different health issues with different alters: One will have diabetes and another not, one need glasses and another not. The impact of the placebo effect is well known but not utilized adequately by the medical community, although epigenetics research found that gene expression is changed by our attitudes and behaviors. Candace Pert’s Molecules of Emotion explains the physiology of the impact of emotions on what ligands are accepted into cell receptors (summarized in my Essential Energy Tools book). Thousands of lab experiments show that intention changes matter, such as the rate of oxygen released by yeast. Quantum physics discovered that potentiality is influenced just by observation that determines if a wave or particle manifests. Check out books by Dr. Dean Radin at the Institute of Noetic Sciences and see studies at energypsych.org/research for more evidence that our minds are powerful when guided by positive intention.


Q: I’m facing a life-threatening illness. What can I do to complement my mainstream medical treatments?

A: A body heals more effectively if it’s balanced and charged with chi. Eat fresh veggies and fruit and juice more veggies to drink. Read Dr. Andrew Weil’s book Spontaneous Healing. Exercise daily in the sun and do deep breathing to bring in healing chi and read Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine. Also, see her YouTube video “Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Routine Official Version. The body manifests your beliefs, as we saw above, so give thanks each day that your immune system is strong and your body is healing, and becoming fully aware of any lessons involved, such as it’s time to pay attention to your inner life. Visualize gold suns emptying out healing energy from head to toe through every cell. On the energy side, do cross-crawls from opposite elbow to knee and imagine looking at horizontal infinity signs or lazy 8s for a bilateral rather than unhealthy homolateral orientation of your energy field. Author and healer Barbara Brennan sees the first layer of the aura, the template for the physical body, as vertical blue lines. Rub your palms together and send gold healing flames from your fingertips to comb the blue lines so they’re evenly spaced, no gaps or tangles.


Q: I’ve lost my wife, my home, and my job over the past year. I don’t have the energy to start over. What can I do?

A: Realize you have reason to grieve and be depressed and treat them with techniques listed above and a gratitude journal. Gratitude also helps keep organs like the heart healthy, according to Professor Paul Mills at the UC San Diego School of Medicine. Commit to a half hour a day doing job searches. Once you begin, you’ll get energized.

Q: My elementary school son comes home exhausted because he’s so sensitive. How can we strengthen him?

A: Read the Highly Sensitive Child by Elaine Aaon for coping techniques and practice my Kids’ Mind Power and Shambhala’s Sitting Still Like a Frog CD visualizations. Emphasize that thoughts are powerful and that your son can establish boundaries and not absorb other people’s energies by imagining flying saucers or catchers’ milts 360 degrees around him. Blow them up with fireworks to clear and then visualize new ones. He can imagine putting on headphones playing his favorite music so he’s not bothered by classroom noise. See an 11-year-old’s illustration of some of the tools on FB pages Global Youth SpeakOut and Test Success.


Q: My older brother was a bully who beat up on me throughout my childhood making me feel afraid. Now I have autoimmune physical problems. Is there a connection?

A: Whenever I do sessions with someone with a similar health problem, they all had to repress childhood anger. This confuses and impairs the immune system. You might want to write a nasty letter to your brother and burn it, cuss out loud at him when you’re alone, and do acupressure tapping on “I’m afraid I’m a chicken.” Then tap on forgiveness for your brother, your parents for not protecting you, and God. Focus on the strength and compassion you’ve gained from the difficult karma.


Q: A fellow worker is nasty and rude to me. What can I do?

A: Start with the Hawaiian Ho’oponopono forgiveness technique. Say to yourself, “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.” Also remember that people project their unresolved negativity on people who trigger the buried emotions by reminding them of someone familiar. It’s about her more than you.


Q: My older sister and I are both in our 20s. She still tries to boss me around and is judgmental. She’s done everything expected of her and I haven’t. How can I change this irritating relationship?

  1. Read and discuss Please Understand Me by Keirsey and Bates with your sister. You’ll find your sister is a “J” type that likes structure, routine, checking things off her list, and predictability while you’re a “P” who likes spontaneity, is easy going, artistic, and playful. What I learned from this approach is that one temperament is not better than the other and they can provide balance for each other.


Q: I’m finishing up my degree but I can’t get myself to really do a job search. How can I get motivated?

A: what I see blocking you is the deep old message from your dad not to outshine him or take up too much of your mom’s attention. What I’d like for you to do is be very aware of how you feel when you’re around him so you can break the pattern. You don’t need to say anything to him, just be aware of your body’s reactions, see if you feel smaller or whatever. Get help from your university career placement center and send out one application a day.


Q: I’m an athletic guy, not at all happy that my left shoulder bone is disintegrating. Any hope for me?

A: I believe that any disharmony in the body is a metaphor. A shoulder injury can symbolize feeling unsupported, taking on too much weight, feeling burdened.

Also, the left is yin, receiving, indicating it needs more nurturance in comparison to the active yang right side. In addition to changing your emotional habits, I’m sure you’re consulting complementary and alternative health practioners to slow progress of the problem.


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