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Proof of life after the body:

`1. Quantum mechanics and String Theory—10 dimensions vs. we know 3 special and one time dimension.

Quantum nonlocality, quantum consciousness,

Matter is a form of energy

Physics tells us again and again that how we perceive nature as a human being is not how nature is.” David Berman, Theoretical Physics


Dean Radin The Conscious Universe, Entangled Minds, Radiant Minds, Supernormal (2103) Taboo restricts inquiry for 100 years

Parapsychological Association

Journal of Cognitive Research

Psi phenomenon

SRI International. PEAR, governments do research during cold war

Remote viewing 1995 review for CIA Jessica Utts stats prof UC Davis

2. Children’s memories of reincarnation

Dr. Ian Stevenson, Prof of Psychiatry at the Univ of Virginia Medical School interviewed over 4,000 children from various countries. Some had birthmarks representing violent deaths. He was followed by Dr. Jim Tucker, MD. who reported a large % remembered a violent death. Some had skills they hadn’t learned like a foreign language.

3. Poltergeists and other ghosts

Dr. Raymond Moody, 85% of his clients make contact with a dead person, some see the apparition. Teaches how in Reunions

4. Channelers info they couldn’t know

Edgar Cayce, Caroline Myss

Scole Experiments in Norfolk, England with mediums and materializations of people and objects http://www.thescoleexperiment.com/

production of images on blank Polaroid film plates in complete darkness, and the recording of spirit voices on an equally blank tape which I had placed in a cheap recorder from which the microphone had been removed: an experiment which certainly produced unnatural recordings, but which was qualitatively poor. http://www.thescoleexperiment.com/article_04.htm

Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health

“UA Researchers Look Beyond the Grave” 1999

After Vettore’s daughter is contacted, Dubois contacted Vettore’s brother and mother. She is able nail facts, giving details about the relations that she could not have known beforehand.

For instance, Dubois tells Vettore that her mother knows there’s a carrot cake and a bowl of peanuts in her house.

“None of those things do I ever have in my house. I have those things in my house this month, carrot cake and peanuts, so that was weird,” said Vettore.

10 people were read by the five mediums. In lab conditions, a medium sat down with an individual and there would be a divider between them.

When that medium finished, the next would come in, until all five mediums had given a reading for the individuals, Schwartz and his staff would then compare the readings. They were astonished to find that in most cases, the mediums would bring through the same people and the same messages, with an 80-90 percent accuracy rate. http://www.mindpowernews.com/Afterlife.htm

Gary Schwartz, and William Simon the Truth About Medium, 2005

Rhonda Schwartz. Love Eternal: Breakthrough personal and scientific evidence for Life After Death.

The Afterlife Unveiled: What the Dead are Telling Us About Their World

Stafford Betty

Past life regression Dr. Michael Newton, details check out, speak languages


5. Near death experiences


Independent of the brain

Journal of Near-Death Studies, Tibetan book of the Dead, Bible, Koran describe NDEs

“veridical perception” The Immortality Project blind since birth visual info

Dr. Charles Tart woman read a 5-digit number, real not hallucinations

University of Virginia NDEs in the hospital, Dr. Bruce Greyson

International Association for Near-Death Studies

Dr. Jeffey Long, MD, 2,3000 NDEs on NDERF.org

Dr Eben Alexander, a Harvard-educated neurosurgeon, fell into a coma for seven days in 2008 after contracting meningitis.

Proof of Heaven

The Map of Heaven

Lynnclaire Dennis (www.mereon.org) brought back what was named the “Mereon Matrix”

Joseph McMoneagle Remote Reviewing for CIA had an ND


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