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*Jan Condon’s “Stella’s Adventure in the Incredible BioTerrain” is about a little girl who dreams that she swallows herself and finds herself meeting Emily Enzyme, Abby Acidophilus, Benney Bifidus (King of Poo) and Stanley Stem Cell and finds out what these incredible Microbes do to digest your food and keep you healthy.  How does she get back? You will have to go to Lyons Books and buy one for $12 (tax included) and find out as you read this to your children.  You can also download Do the Acidophilus Hula on my (very primitive) website so you can all Rock Out!

 Jan is a semi-retired Occupational Therapist, with a keen interest in nutrition for wellness. “I have had ideas for this book for a long time, so I could increase awareness and respect for those incredible little microbes inside all of us.”  This book has been a 3 year venture and collaboration with brilliant and talented Chris Ficken, Prof in Graphic Art and IMC Productions at Chico State U.

*Gayle Kimball’s “Kids’ Mind Power” CD includes fun visualizations and activities to ground, center, etc. 

“The Teen Trip: The Complete Resource Guide” is based on teens’ own experiences and how to cope.

“How to Survive Your Parents’ Divorce: Kids’ Advice to Kids” helps young people whose parents are divorcing. See http://www.gaylekimball.info


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