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Interesting article on how to build alternatives to governments sold out to big business by a Dutch grad student.

Jerome Roos, a graduate student who lives in Athens, is hopeful that, “We do not necessarily have to innovate the new so much as we have to crush the past and intensify the already existing” communal self-help activities that Graeber refers to as “everyday communism.”[i] Roos adds that it’s important not to fetishize (a Marxist word popular in revolutionary circles) direct democracy because, “The capitalist state survives, and creating our own parallel society is not enough. We must self-organize, and then push our quest for autonomy outwards to eventually encapsulate all of society.”[ii] He points out that no revolutionary party from China to Latin America that achieved state power genuinely changed capitalism, so the goal must be ongoing social revolution towards autonomy, what John Holloway described as “the end of power-over and the unleasing of power to.” Revolution is not the seizure of state power like 1917 in Russia, 1949 in China, and 1959 in Cuba, but ongoing social struggle and practical direct democracy in the expansion of local assemblies and cooperatives.

[i] Jerome Roos, “Everyday Communism and the ‘Sprit of Christmas,’” Roar Mag.org, December 25, 2013.


[ii] Jerome Roos, Autonomy: An Idea Whose Time Has Come,” Roar Journal of the Radical Imagination, June 23, 2013.



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