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Quick Healthy Recipes: Fundraiser Cookbook

10-Minute Prep Time

Healthy Recipes

Plus Health Tips


The Cookbook is a California fundraiser for the Open Doors Literacy Project (ODLP) in Pakistan, taught by college student Hassan Saeed. With no administrative costs, the funds go to workbooks, transportation, and Hassan’s salary, which helps with his college tuition. Some of the students are also involved with microfinance projects to raise money and use their new literacy skills. To see photos of the students and teacher go to http://opendoorsliteracyproject.weebly.com.

The cookbook was compiled by Gayle Kimball, Ph.D., US founder of ODLP, from favorite recipes shared by friends around the world and a few from Internet sites and other cookbooks

The author searched out quick healthy recipes, the tried and true favorites of her friends around the world. We’re busy, time is precious, and we value our health, but we don’t have hours to spend in the kitchen. The cookbook includes health information focusing on food and how to reduce stress, as well as recipes for every type of meal. Readers can save cooking time and do a good deed: All profits go to the Open Doors Literacy Project. Dr. Kimball is the editor or author of 12 other books. Here’s the Table of Contents:



Appetizers            page 3


Salads              page 10


Veggies             page 20


Soups              page 24


Veggie Main Dishes         page 28


Meat Main Dishes           page 44


Fish Main Dishes           page 50


Bread              page 54


Deserts             page 58


Drinks               page 68


  Other Quick Healthy Recipe Sources    page 72


Health Tips             page 73


Index              page 93



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