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Are global youth really materialistic? In a survey of 25,000 youth (ages 16 to 29) from 25 countries, they tend to be in favor of the economic opportunities they see provided by globalization.[i] Chinese youth are the most enthusiastic with 91% in favor, compared to 71% of Americans and 65% of Europeans. A majority of youth in other countries surveyed also view globalization as an opportunity, except in Turkey, Morocco, and Greece where the percentages were in the 40s. The Chinese youth are more proud of the rich people in their country than other nationalities (57%). A majority of youth in the following countries want to earn a lot of money in the next 15 years in this order: China, India, Australia and Canada, the US and Russia. However, a majority of respondents in the other 19 countries don’t have this aim, with youth in Morocco and Japan the least interested in making a lot of money. Globally, owning a home is at the top of respondents’ list of goals for the next 15 years so that it follows that their top criteria for a good job is the salary is provides, followed by a good working atmosphere and interesting work. Doing a job that contributes to society is more important than job prestige or vacation time, with 22% of youth wanting to be educators and 20% wanting to do research, followed by 19% interested in the financial field. 45 Only 6% are interested in being famous. Young people today want to make money to have a secure family life and they also want to contribute to the good of others.

[i] Dominique Reynié, ed., “World Youths,” Foundation Pour L’Innovation Politique,” 2011. Electronic survey in 2010 by TNS Opinion of 25,000 youth born between 1981 and 1994 in 25 countries, plus 7,714 respondents aged 30 to 50.http://expeng.anr.msu.edu/uploads/files/83/2010%20Youth%20leadership%20in%20a%20Globalized%20World%20Survey.pdf

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