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My travels talking with students and teachers lead me to believe students need an emotional guide to school success. I just got back from S. Korea and India.  I’ve put together a very rough start on the student guide to school success in hopes you’ll critique it and share it with students for their frank suggestions. I’ll email it to you if you’re interested. Also, I’m interested in student responses to the 12 global youth book questions and in your observations of how your generation is different from other generations alive today. earthhavenchico@hotmail.com


Table of Contents

Part 1 Student Reports 

Students Report Homework and Test Pressures    

Study Tips

Time Management

Writing Tips by Stephen Tchudi

Other Causes of Stress for Youth: Relationships, Poverty Issues, Health Issues

How Youths Cope with Stress and Worry

Part 2 Coping with Stress

The Physiology and Causes of Stress

Stress Reduction: Breath, Bilateral Balance, Balance the Meridians and Acupressure Points, Brain Gym Exercises for Balancing, Movement and Self-Massage, How to Relax, Self-Talk, Restructuring Your Thinking, Understanding Our Subpersonalities and Emotions, Visualization Exercises to Clear Emotional Blocks, Visualizations to Reduce Stress

Part 3 Other Issues that Lead to School Success

Happiness, Feeling Good About Yourself, Coping with Anxiety, Perfectionism, Being a Sensitive Person, Anger, Worry and Guilt, Depression, School and Stress Cause Fatigue: How to Have More Energy

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