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A Pakistani Muslim young woman comments on the September 11 riots in the Middle East against Western embassies:

“Riots broke out all over middle-east in response to a US-produced anti ISLAM film, SANAA, Sept 13: US troops, Attempting to protect Americans in the region, on Thursday shot dead four protesters and wounded 34 others when they opened fire on a crowd attempting to storm the US embassy in Sanaa to protest a film mocking Islam,the official said, adding that eight of them were “seriously injured. ”
(The Dawn news, Pakistan)

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, said in a news Release: “The film is malicious and deliberately provocative and portrays a disgracefully distorted image of Muslims. I fully understand why people wish to protest strongly against it, and it is their right to do so peacefully.” “However, I utterly condemn the killings in Benghazi, and other violent and destructive reactions to the film and urge religious and political leaders to make a major effort to restore calm,” she added.

My comments:
To Muslims, the movie was made by a jew, with Israel Nationality, duped in Arabic by an Egyptian and showed on no American television but Eqyptian..

To Americans, the US ambassador in Libya wasn’t killed in any protest but a pre-planned attack, claimed by al-Qaeda and Salafi’s already. His injured body was taken to hospital by Libyan locals and was grieved over by many citizen after he died!

To media, you really know how to play with words huh! or u just don’t realize how big of the responsibility u hold. !

I have been pretty thoughtful lately, my thoughts being consumed by this new catastrophe and how media is twisting one news with the interest of people in different countries! where is this all leading? like there wasn’t already enough hatred between these 2 parts of the world, and lack of respect and understanding. i wonder lately what had happened to THE COMPASSION GENE in human population!!

“good thing to remember everyone, Media is a business, not a social service”

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  1. Early claims of israeli funding and involvement in the anti Muslim film may prove accurate as geller network becomes paramount, despite its scrubbing of early planning and fund raising efforts.Was Pakistan and Egypt part of the target set ?

    Mainstream Muslim commentators are eerily silent on the possible Mossad involvement in the genesis of the anti Muslim film that put American lives at risk. Cannonfire blog blows it wide open


    and also


    • thanks for posting links and sharing such more information here Jimmy. The comments i made was not on the basis of researched facts or to claim the right or wrong in this catastrophic new going industry.! what my purpose was just to show how media is helping, “whoever” are behind these scenarios, by increasing misunderstanding further. like people in Pakistan wont get to read how much Americans are struggling to find the culprit. all they know through our prejudiced media is US made a an anti ISLAM anti Profit film (as most of them cant read an English newspaper or have access to international media, not to mention researching like this on web about even deep conspiracy behind.
      i really am fascinated by a metaphor in Sheila Musaji’s article “the anti-ISLAM = the Anti American”
      that is what my message is that whoever is behind these, is not an Islam enemy but an enemy of entire humanity. who knows the ones gotten killed in protest were even Muslims or Jews or frankly speaking even i don’t know the ambassador Steven john was a Christian Jew or din not believe in God at all. but they all got to be the victims. I personally do not care what religion the anti-Islam film person belonged too. weather he was a Jew or christian his act was anti Jew, anti christian anti Islam, anti humanity, “for no religion could teach to harass someone’s originality and than hide away and let your fellow men getting killed for your act.”

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