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Global Youth Dichotomies: What Are Your Observations?

This is from my book-in-progress about how youth are transforming our future.


1. Global youth are more informed about people in other cultures than previous generations, yet they are less likely to vote and many are uninformed about the causes of climate change. How can they be more informed and yet ignorant about the most important impact on their future?


2. Adults often focus on the negative aspects of young people, such as delinquency, yet view them as the source of what’s cool and trendy. What explains this contradiction?


3. American culture is described as adolescent, characterized by living in the present, mood swings, rebelliousness, openness to change, and fascination with extremes. Agree or disagree?


4. Are “little emperors” overly protected and spoiled by their parents? Does this leave them unprepared to deal with adversity? What do you observe among young people you know?


5. Is Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook company the model of the Millennials, open-minded, concerned about helping others, collaborative and non-hierarchical? Or are they materialistic consumers who value their possessions?


6. Millennials are the “relationship generation,” who like to spend time with their parents. Has the generation gap narrowed? SpeakOut youth criticized adults for their bad habits, judgmentalism, lack of understanding, bossiness, and being stressed and angry. How can these two dichotomies exist at the same time?

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