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Another name for Gen Z is the Pluralist Generation, called the Plurals by Magid Generation Strategies. The first of the Plurals were born in 1997, now at 68 million young people in the US. The marketing researchers surveyed 1056 Plurals (age 8 to 15) in 2012. This newest generation was shaped by the recession, comfort with ethnic diversity (only 54% are white, the last generation to have a white minority), and shared gender roles. Many were parented by Gen X. Fewer live in two-parent households (two in three live in a two-parent household compared to three in four Millennials).

In terms of their values, Plurals and their Gen X parents are less likely to believe in the “American Dream” and to focus on individual success rather than the group, compared to Baby Boomers and their Millennial children. Plurals are influenced by the longest recession since the Depression. When asked what are the most important qualities for young people to develop, Plurals answered honest, respectful, trustworthy, and hard working. When asked what’s important, girls were more motivated to succeed, as 66% of girls but only 47% of boys mentioned school grades and 50% of girls and 40% of boys felt it is important to get feedback from parents or teachers. Girls place more value than boys on being respectful, ethical and trustworthy, while boys value being loyal and fun to be with. Girls are as likely as adult women (38%) to report they have experienced sexism. The First Generation of the 21st Century,” Magid Generational Strategies, April 30, 2012. http://www.magid.com/node/216/done?sid=238


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