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A Foreign Policy magazine survey of 43 global women leaders reported that 84% believe that having more female leaders would alter their government’s policies and 65% believe they would bring more peace.[i] Most had experienced sexism while in office and they said it is the greatest obstacle to more women entering politics, but only about a half are feminists. Examples of sexism are being told they should be home with the kids, sexual harassment, exclusion from informal networks, and condescending attitudes. The Scandinavian countries are the best place to be a woman while Afghanistan is the worst. The women politicians’ main suggestion for how to increase the number of women politicians was to establish gender quotas as in at least 95 countries.

[i] Margaret Slattery, “The FP Survey: Women in Politics,” Foreign Policy, May 2012. http://www.foreignpolicy.com/articles/2012/04/23/the_fp_survey_women_in_politics

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