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Based on replies from over 3,300 young people in 65 countries, I have good news about our future. This is for a book-in-process tentatively titled A Brighter Future: How Global Youth Will Transform The World. The Millennial Generation wants to do good, values family, is spiritual rather than religious, and understands that money and things don’t bring happiness. With their networking skills, they led the Arab Spring that led to the European Summer, US Fall and Russian Winter Youth Revolutions. The Occupy Movements have changed the political discussion in the US to focus on economic inequality.

I asked Stephen Tchudi, the director of volunteers at the Chico Peace and Justice Center, if he sees  generational differences in activists:

Yes, I see great generational differences in the peace and justice movement. I’ve been especially impressed by the high school and college volunteers, who are smart, organized, well informed, and committed to action. I think they have a much greater sense of direction than my generation. I don’t know of many people of my generation who had their wealth of experience at age 17 or 18.

However, he didn’t seem the same focus in young people in the local Occupy Chico movement: “I sensed that they had little sense of the history of activism and were not much interested in learning about what has gone before.”

When asked what kind of changes they’d make if they were the heads of their governments, young people I surveyed are concerned about youth issues like better education and children’s rights, developing the economy including the infrastructure and lower taxes, helping poor people, increasing equality and having peace. If you know young people under 20 who would like to add their views to the book, contact gkimball@csuchico.edu to respond to 12 questions or see https://gaylekimball.wordpress.com/2012/02/18/questions-for-global-youth.


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