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The speed of technology is crashing into traditional societies, according to Andy Lehto, an American teacher in Jordan. “It creates a shock to the collective senses of this society which until relatively recently, remained a rather closed society.” A teacher in a village school in Jerash, Jordan, said, ‘The only thing that your technology has brought us is 10,000 new ways to sin.’” Julia, a South Korean girl (14) said that because of Western media, “I tend to sometimes think as if I AM from a western heritage. It disappoints my parents a lot” (they grew up in small towns while she is growing up in a large city). In Iran, the police tried to prevent the Trojan Horse of permissive western culture by confiscating Barbie dolls. “I think every Barbie doll is more harmful than an American missile,warned an Iranian cleric. They’re banned for more than a decade but are sold illegally in stores. Dara and Sara were promoted as dolls to promote traditional values but weren’t as popular as Barbie—see photos.[i]The authorities also worry about satellite dishes that enable viewers to watch foreign TV programs.


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  1. I am not an Israeli. I am an American and I would ask that you please correct this in your blog/

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