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After 7 years of research, the manuscript on global youth viewpoints and revolutions is ready for you to critique and add your observations. Email for chapters gkimball@csuchico.edu. Thanks!

Global youth revolutions are changing our traditions. To learn how the Millennial Generation is shaping our future, Dr. Kimball generated a worldwide network of youth informants and traveled to 21 countries on all the inhabited continents to talk with them. Her dialogues ranged from Tahrir Square in Cairo, to Rio slums, to villages in Tanzania and Indonesia, to posh London and Shanghai homes. A Brighter Future draws on almost 3,500 written responses from 65 countries. The actual voices of youth make for interesting and thought provoking reading.


A Brighter Future: How Global Youth Are Shaping Our Future
Contents Overview of around 250 pages

Introduction  (10 pages)
Chapter 1 Global Youth Power (22 pages)
Youth Power, Get to Know Eva, Abel, Sahar and Yuan, International Youth Issues: Urban vs. Rural, The Gap Between Rich and Poor
Chapter 2: Millennial Generation (27)
Teenaging of Culture vs. War on Kids, Youth Generation Characteristics, What Youths Think About Adults
Chapter 3 Global Youth Culture (33 pages)
Media and Common Language, Teen Style, Multinational Corporate Consumerism, The Demise of Traditional Values?

Chapter 4: Youth Activism for Equality (45 pages)
Activist Youths vs. Apathy, History of Youth Movements, The Arab Spring, European Summer, US Fall and Russian Winter Youth Revolutions, The Occupy Movements, Change Making Tools: Electronic Networking
Chapter 5 Activism for Gender Equality (22 pages)
Current Status of Gender Equality, Life For a Traditional Village Teen, Women in Government, Global Feminist Activism, Third Wave Feminism
Chapter 6 Traditional vs. Modern Values (26 pages)

Life Purpose, Values, Rural vs. Urban, Respect for Elders, Modern Consumerism


Chapter 7  Beliefs about Religion and Spirituality  (24 pages)

Suffering, Religious Purpose, Beliefs About God, Participation in Organized Religion, Spirituality


Implications for the Future (4 pages)
Appendices (35 pages)

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