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Explore sacred sites of Northern India, nourished by frequent Ayurvedic treatments and massage, yoga, and energy tools. Led by a teacher from Delhi, coordinated in the US by Gayle Kimball, Ph.D.

October, 2012.  Our guide for India in October suggests: I would recommend a journey from Delhi to Rishikesh (yoga capital of the world) including Haridawar (the doorway to God) / Anandpur Sahib (City of Bliss and Birthplace of Khalsa) / Bilaspur / Rewalsar (Tibetan Buddhist Monastery) / Dharmshala (home of Dlai Lama) / Amritsar (Home of Guru Ram Das and the Golden Temple).  There could be an option of Manikaren (for hot springs and hot cave) and another option of Kashmir (saffron harvesting and house boat stay).

Included in all stays will be visits to sacred sites, Sikh, Hindu, Sufi temples, with emphasis on the Goddess of the Feminine Divine and Spiritual warriors known as the Nihang Singhs (men without egos).  We will include home stays, cultural events such as weddings and local festivities as the deities and gurus are celebrated.  There will be time for shopping and rest.  We will try to create a balance.  

Now’s the time to give your input about what you’d like to experience. Contact gkimball@csuchico.edu


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