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I challenge you to think of a goofier set of presidential candidates in US history than the current Republicans: see Perry’s NH speech or his “10 excuses” on Letterman, both on YouTube; see Cain singing or his memory lapses on sexual harassment settlements and a 14-year affair; Romney’s unapologetic reversals as in “absolutely” approving Mississippi‘s personhood amendment then disavowing it after it was rejected and declaring ‘Corporations Are People Too,’ Gingrich on marital fidelity after his adulterous affairs, Ron Paul saying he didn’t read racist newsletters that had his name as author…. Would be funny if not so embarrassing to be an American. This plus the cruelty expressed by audiences at Republican debates (applauding Texas’ execution record, yelling to let a sick man without health insurance die, applauding Cain when he was asked about sexual harassment settlements) is sad.

Santorum is against contraception because it’s a “license” to to do things that are “counter to the way things should be.” He opposes abortion even to save the woman’s life, opposes same-sex marriage, and thinks there “are a lot of problems” with teaching evolution. Republicans in Virginia’s legislature backed down on requiring a vaginal probe ultrasound of women who need an abortion, fodder for TV comedians. What century do they live in? Reformers like Margaret Sanger went to jail in her struggle to make contraception legal. If these men could get pregnant would they take the same stand?


Comments on: "2012 Goofy and Sexist Republican Presidental Candidates" (1)

  1. I hadn’t looked at your blog before. As an activist I zeroed in on this post. So RIGHT ON my sister!
    You are incredibly prolific. I’m really impressed.
    Love, Chris

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