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right wing cruelty

Right-Wing Cruelty

When Governor Perry said he’d signed off on 234 executions in Texas, the audience in the Regan Library cheered. Killing got probably the largest applause during the debate. Reagan’s daughter Patti told Rachel Maddow (MSNBC) that she was horrified by the cruelty, saying that her father met with a pastor during executions when he was Governor of California to help him with his sadness.

In the second Republican debate Ron Paul was asked if we should just let a hypothetical 30-year-old without health insurance die in the name of freedom of choice, and someone shouted, “Yes.” This too generated great applause. I wonder how those who applauded would react to an uninsured family member diaganosed with a major illness. But, as President Obama said in his speech to Congress, it’s not the American way to let people suffer: “No single individual built America on their own. We built it together. We have been, and always will be, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all; a nation with responsibilities to ourselves and with responsibilities to one another.”

In the November 9 debate, the audience cheered for Herman Cain when the moderator asked about the accusations of sexual harassment of women in his workplace. Cain reported that his donations went up after some of the women went public with their harassment experiences.

How did the US get so divided?


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