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After some sample recipes, I list some Internet sources of other recipes. Please share your favorite quick healthy recipes in the comments. Thanks!

Be part of a cookbook with 10-minute prep time healthy recipes to raise money for Open Doors Literacy Project. Look at photos of our school with no administrative costs, just salary for teacher Hassan (age 19, helps with his university tuition), workbooks, and transportation costs in NW Pakistan—Peshawar violence is always in the news. You will be credited in the cookbook. http://opendoorsliteracyproject.weebly.com

Thelda’s starter for many recipes;

For each serving, sauté the following:

One medium onion, one stalk of celery, one large clove of garlic minced,

Cook on low heat in skillet with olive oil, or in a saucepan if using liquid ingredients. Cook until vegetables are soft, and translucent.

Add the following:

For tomato sauce, one medium can of chopped tomatoes or quartered fresh tomatoes. Serve over pasta with cheese on top. Italian seasoning or basil may be added.

For a white sauce; add one cup of milk or soymilk and one tablespoon of flour. Cook with veggies. As sauce thickens, add more liquid to desired constancy. Add seafood and serve over rice. Season with small amount of nutmeg, add butter.

For an Asian dish, add 1 T. of curry powder to sauce, plus 1 T. of Chinese 5 spices. Cut sweet bell pepper strips. Heat until warmed. Serve over rice. For more protein add 1/4 C. peanut  or almond butter.

Add chopped vegetables, heat, and serve as a side dish.

Chop one potato per person, add to veggies, increase milk, = potato soup

For summer, chill the soup.

Ursela’s Power Breakfast Yogurt

Goat or Greek yogurt, with nuts, seeds, lethicin, cinnamon, nutmeg (optional), and fruits of the season. Add stevia or honey and cardamom if desired.

Jo Ellen’s Veggie Quesadillas

with salad of black beans, tomatoes and corn

Whole grain tortillas, large size
Very fresh farmers cheese, or which ever variety you have on hand
Lots of small chopped veggies, zucchini, mushrooms, onion, broccoli, etc.
Warm a tortilla in a skillet on low, add cheese, veggies, salt and pepper to one 1/2 of tortilla
When cheese is melty and veggies are warm, fold the tortilla and flip to warm the other side.
Top with your favorite jar of salsa, or throw together a can of black beans with
fresh chopped tomatoes, onion, seasoning, thawed frozen or fresh corn, and lots of cilantro!

Other Sources of Quick Healthy Recipes



http://www.ssproduce.net/common/recipes/cat_results_list.asp?Catalog=Time Savers&Prep_Time=1&storeID=5B2013B1E09E4079BC0E038B08E9890E













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