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Crystals for Balance

Crystal Balancing

Ground, center, roses up, gold suns. Clean stones in sun (not amethyst), moon, water, with a damp cotton cloth, smudge, tuning fork, bell, Reiki symbols, sea salt, etc.

Start with 11 hemetite stones around the body to ground and filter out foreign energy, also place on the charkas. Then replace the stones on the charkas, thinking in terms of the colors (1, red; 2, orange; 3, yellow; 4, green and pink; 5, blue; 6; dark blue; 7, amethyst.

Also, put stones in hands, under feet, and over head. Can put terminator end pointing towards the body to circulate healing. Green aventurine: all around healer. Malachite surfaces blocks, as does obsidian and azurite.

1: dark stones like hematite, tourmaline, onyz, smoky quartz. Bloodstone, tiger’s eye, agate.

2:  golden tiger’s eye to ground and integrate, with green tourmaline at groin, citrine to manifest results, carnelian, garnet

3: malachite clears emotion, strong used with malachite and chrysocolla (softens, eases the process). Rhodochrosite with malachite harmonizes lower and upper charkas.

4: rose quartz with kunzite, green avenutine (heals the inner child)

6: amethyst, silica, azurite (personal fears, unconscious blocks)

entities: quartz crystal on each chakra, double terminators between them to integrate, with single generator crystals at the hands, feet and crown.

Remove the main stones last, and feet and first chakra, wipe with damp cotton cloth.


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