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Science and Consciousness Conference, 5-04, Albuerque
After the 5-day conference, I rented a car and drove 2 hours west of
Albue. to a pueblo called Acoma. A local who gave me a ride from
Whole Earth store said it was her favorite. I can see why it’s
called the land of enchantment, as with the big sky always in view,
usually with scattered white clouds. You’re aware of the big
picture. You drive down into a valley looking at eroded fingers of
sandstone mesas. It reminded me of Tibet, the high desert with sandy
soil and scrubby bushes, homes built out of stacked rocks and fences
of tree branches.
Acoma is built on top of a tall mesa, two or three story adobe
structures with ladders. They believe humans came from the center of
the earth so they entered homes from the roof: Doors were introduced
by the Spanish conquerors. There’s no water on the mesa and the
elders don’t allow any power, so they use propane and haul water in
trucks. Few people live there full-time. It must have been selected
for safety, although the story is two young medicine men led a group
from the North and stopped when they heard the proper sound from an
echo, “techewee.” The guide told us they’re a matrilineal society;
property is passed on to the youngest daughter to reward her for
caring for the elders, her responsibility. The Antelope Clan picks
the leaders, men. The Spaniards imposed Catholicism by force, but
the guide at this pueblo and Taos said they combine it with
traditional rituals and beliefs, no conflict. They make pottery with
the coil method, no wheels or kilns, lots of images of rain and
clouds since they grew corn on the valley without irrigation. Also
lots of images of a fertility figure, a flute-playing peddler who
came up from Mexico and who brought in outside genes; it was
considered a good thing to have his baby.
Took the scenic route to Sante Fe, found a cheap motel (was able to
bargin, hadn’t expected that) and headed for the Georgia O’Keefe
museum by the downtown plaza. I’ve had the experience once before,
in British Columbia, of seeing a distinctive landscape and then
seeing it through an artist’s eyes—Emily Carr. O’Keefe’s work is so
vivid and colorful, I could see sky and horizon through her eyes as
I continued the trip. Walked around, found a recordkeeper crystal at
a rock shop. Wanted to eat blue corn tortillas, so headed for the
Blue Corn Café. I recognized a guy from the conference, the
Parisian, who came to dinner with me. A few seconds deviation on the
part of either of us and we would have missed each other. It became
clear that he needed the reading I gave him the next day about a
core issue. The next day we drove to Ojo Caliente on the way to
Taos. It’s the only hot springs to have 5 distinctive types of
pools, iron, arsenic, Lithia, soda and sodium. I really needed to
soak off all the vibes from the conference. The pools were outside
so you could watch the New Mexico sky. Driving on to Taos, we did a
releasing the past patterns ritual, throwing stones into the Rio
Grande, felt good.
The Taos Pueblo of the Red Willow people, is built on either side of
a stream, with 5 story homes. They guide said they were patriarchal
but wouldn’t tell me any more. It felt sad, not a lot of energy
there, people sitting inside their homes waiting for tourists to buy
pottery and jewelry.
We went next to a bridge over a gorge carved by the Rio Grande, like
a ribbon of jade green, that extends from Colorado. We ate, me—you
guessed it—blue corn, and headed for a Chimayo cathederal famous for
its healing dirt. It was closed, but people had left notes to God,
crosses on the fence, similar to white folded paper left in temples
in Japan. Felt like a power spot for sure. The landscape here was
pine trees, different from the high desert terrain.
The next day I spent enjoyable time at the Native Amer. Culture
museum, part of 4 others on Museum Hill, funded by Rockefeller,
great dosent who kept going even when I was the only one left. Then
back to Albue. to see the botanical gardens and acquarium and find a
$30 motel, jog. The conference is in Sante Fe next year, plan to go
back and see more pueblos, spend more time at the hotsprings with
massage and wraps.
Most speakers were Ph.Ds, scientists, etc. who based their
presentations on quantum physics and chaos theory. A major concern
was a crisis about survival of the planet, as with running out of
oil, water, fish, trees. I’ll organize these notes in terms of
wellness, moving from macro to micro issues.
Brian O’Leary, Ph.D., former Princeton physics professor, said we
need to develop the new science of consciousness which is the basis
for quantum physics and is the 5th force of physics (along with
weak, strong, etc.) Human intention can change properties on both
the macro and micro levels. It may be related to dark matter ignored
by physicists. We’re studying UFOs, ETs, crop circles, ESP, PK,
NDEs, psi, etc. He thinks zero point energy from the quantum vacuum
is the key to our salvation. We’re oblivious that we’re in deep
dodo, a disaster, collapse of the US, in a dumbing down process,
although since 1950 the population of the earth has doubled, water
use has increased 4x, fish catch 8x. energy use is up by 5x, the US
uses as much energy as the whole planet did in 1950—we’re 4% who
consume 28% of the energy. Half of the water used in the US is for
animals, such as cattle grazing. About half of the planet’s trees
are gone. Most of the oil will be gone by 2050. We’re facing the
biggest mass extinction in 65 million years since an asteroid
whipped out the dinosaurs. The hydrogen cells pushed by Gov
Swartzineger require a lot of fuel use to produce, solar and wind
sources are intermittent, nuclear is unsafe. The Bush Administration
is pushing hydrogen cells and bio fuel. The solution is cold fusion,
zero point energy. See http://www.newenergymovement.org or
http://www.brianoleary.com. The first new energy conference will be held in
Portland next September 25 and 26.

Author and professor Danah Zohar feels the crisis has to do with
needing to develop spiritual intelligence, in addition to mental and
emotional IQ. Philosopher and author Peter Russell also said we’re
in a spiritual crisis, caught up in materialism. “The real challenge
of our times is exploring consciousness to find how to facilitate
Einstein explained that no problem can be solved in the
consciousness that created it.

Huston Smith, Ph.D. believes we’re in dangerous, turbulent times,
doesn’t feel optimistic. The 20th century is the most horrendous
century in all history. 160 million humans slaughtered, mostly of
starvation. The gap between the rich and the poor is increasing and
never greater. Can’t continue to believe in progress. Mystical
traditions have the answers.

Judith Orloff, MD, psychiatrist, author. Advises isolate your
biggest fear, your root memory, and work with it. She used hypnosis
to recall hers. The truth sets you free.

Russell Targ, physicist, author, remote viewing expert. He explained
psychic ability is a non-local awareness independent of space and
time, as Buddhists explained long ago, who we are is non-local. It’s
easier to do diagnosis than remote viewing. Give up the desire to
read, grasping, naming. To prompt remote viewing they ask tell me
the shape, from, not what is it? http://www.espresearch.com

Steven Halpern, musician. A stressed or egotistical performer
affects the listener negatively. William Tiller explained in 1975
that every cell has a keynote frequency which emits and responds to
tone. Can make a siren sound with the vowel o and focus on where it
feels good in the body for an internal massage. Violin, oboe and
trumpets are not relaxing, while electric piano, crystal bowls are.
Musician Don Campbell reports on a Japanese Sendi university study
of the impact of music on the immune system, measuring saliva. He
recommends slow Baroque music for healing, also New Age music,
drumming, humming and toning. Say the vowels oh, ah, ehh. George
Washington University study of elders that found one hour a day
spent in arts resulted in 20% less medication. He thinks ADDH is
hyperactivity of the ear, hypersensitive to sound. He led us in a
fun percussion session using paper plates—try them.

Candace Pert, Ph.D., cell biologist, author of Molecules of Emotion.
We have 1000s of cell receptors on each part of the body. Any drug
acts all over the body. Peptides are the informational substances
influenced by emotions which enter the cell receptors. Cells from
the bone marrow can become neurons in the brain. We make new neurons
every day around the ventricles unless heavily addicted, as to
alcohol. Millions of cells leave the bone marrow to got to their
next stage of development, which means we can change our bodies.
Mind becomes matter. Peptides regulate how quickly the cells divide,
where they migrate, so emotions guide regeneration of the body.
We’re in an epidemic of depression, have an over-medicated society
due to chronic stress. Our 30,000 years old bodies were not designed
for chronic stress. Depression is not caused by lack of serotonin,
as antidepressants take two weeks to kick on but inhibition of
serotonin uptake occurs the first day. Drugs cause the receptors to
shrink, reduce the number, and are less sensitive.

Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. cell biologist. Signals come from the
environment and affect the proteins, the building blocks, which
influence the DNA. Disease is caused by protein or the signal is
off. Signals get off due to trauma, toxins, and thought. Our gages
of our perception are sensation, emotions, and symptoms (which is
the only thing treated by doctors).

Meir Schneider. http://www.self-healing.org
When sitting a lot, bend over in your chair and rub your back with
the back of your hand and massage around the waist. Sitting
contracts the lower ab muscles. Massage the groin, do leg lifts of
foot to buttock and breathe. The main cause of back pain is shoes
and cement. Avoid shoes when possible. We use 50 of our 600 muscles.
Weak toes cause tension and gripping, so strengthen them by walking
with your toes pulling you forward, walk backward, do toe exercises
where you rotate each one independently, and pull it back with the
toe resisting coming back up. Put your fingers between your toes and
shake the foot. Rotate different parts of your foot on a tennis
ball. For eyes, palm frequently, look at details (as of faces), look
at distances like the sky, and do sunning where you stand in the sun
and rotate head from shoulder to shoulder with eyes shut, rubbing
the eyebrow. Talk walks at night. Look at finger moving from side to
side without moving head. Blink 22x a minute. Wave hands at
periphery of your face for peripheral vision.

Olga Kharitidi, MD, psychiatrist from Siberia. Technique to deal
with trauma by poking with pen on palm of hand associated with
trauma, then on the other hand associated with positive experience.
Raymond Moody, Ph.D. Evidence of NDE’s—wave of empathetic NDE
experience by bystander.

Jane Katra met Russell Targ when he was given 6 months to live due
to masticized cancer and she was his healer. She says to change the
host so the illness doesn’t recognize it. The healer has to unlearn,
forget yourself, be used by the higher power, empty mind, willing to
be used. She’s had communication from his deceased daughter

Donna Eden at Science and Consciousness Conference
Muscle testing: Say, “You push up and I’ll push down.” The hand
should be relaxed rather than in a fist. A self-test is to hold an
allergen, vitamin, etc. to the solar plexus. If you move forward,
like a pendulum, it’s positive, if you fall backward, it’s negative.

Don’t wear an underwire metal or plastic bra because it interferes
with the lymphatic system. You can test the impact by muscle testing
the arm with a finger on the wire. Also avoid carrying bags and
purses over the shoulder. Test after walking a few steps. Correct
with a cross crawl. It’s better to wear a fanny pack around the
For sore shoulders, tap on them with a hairbrush.


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