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Food for Natural Beauty


Eating for Beauty. David Wolfe.    Eatingforbeauty.com Food enzymes are destroyed at temperatures over 120 degrees. Each cell has over 4,000 enzymes. They need minerals; pollen is a good source. If it floats in water, it’s rancid. Beauty depends on mineralization.

Cooked oils are a main cause of free radical damage (except for cooking with coconut oil and olive oil), along with pesticides, cigarettes, pollution, and over-exposure to sun. The oxygen molecules lose an electron that it steals from other molecules, causing free radical damage. Antioxidants in oils, minerals and vitamins provide electrons.

Water is very important, alkaline water as in Trinity Springs water. You can charge water with a few pinches of Celtic Grey Mineral Sea Salt in your water container (it contains 84 minerals). Also can use MSM, quartz crystals, lemon juice, and sunshine. Distilled water is OK if bottled in glass. Drink water on an empty stomach, especially when you wake up.

Important minerals:

Silicon rich foods: horsetail, nettles, hemp, burdock, tomatoes, bell peppers, and oats.

MSM: sulfur, also in pine nuts, aloe vera (put on topically for scars), bee pollen

Zinc: pecans, coconut, macadamia nuts

Iron: dark green vegetables and herbs, use lemons with onions, burdock, blackberries, nettles, parsley

Manganese: cloves, kelp, Brazil nuts, almonds


Important foods that have useful mineral content, etc

Aloe Vera      can apply topically for scars, anti-inflammatory

Arugula     alkaline and anti-cancer. Pick before it flowers (easy to grow)

Burdock root: blood purifier, aids digestion, buy crisp root

Chaparral tea: balances MSM and Vit. C

Coconut: good for fungus, no cholesterol, stimulates thyroid, normalizes blood sugar

Cucumbers: kidney cleanser, diuretic, eat organic skins (good juice is 4-6 celery stalks, 1 apple, and 1 cuk)

Durian: tyryptamine

Figs: high calcium, laxative, dissolves intestinal mucus

Grapefruit: anti-inflammatory

Hemp seeds: contain all the amino acids, mineral rich

Macadamia nuts: protects against heart diseases. Avoid split open, in pieces, overly yellow.

Nettles: good for weight loss, increase thyroid function, blood purifier,

Olives: vit E, squaline, don’t use green ones, water cured, extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil should be in a dark bottle.

Onions: sulfuric, prevents putrefaction in the gut, antiseptic, queratin, thins out clumped blood. White are strongest.

Papaya: good for digestion, apply to skin, good for liver. For parasite cleanse, eat 1T of the seeds on an empty stomach, once a day for a week, and then repeat 2 weeks later.

Pumpkin seeds: hormone building, good for heart, prostrate. For worm cleanse, eat 1T of seeds. Eat a handful, two times a day on empty stomach for one week, one week off, and one week on.

Radish: good for digestion

Turmeric: has curcumin. Good for skin with paste with sesame oil, steeped for two weeks, then strain. For cancer sore, mix with honey and apply.

Watercress: chlorophyll

Avoid: beans, white potatoes, grains (gluten is inflammatory)


Skin: useful oils are hemp, olive, coconut, grapeseed, borage, eve. Primrose.

Make a mask with avocado, 1T of hemp oil, and 7 drops of orange juice.

Dark circles under the eyes caused by adrenal stress or potassium overdose.

Puffiness is too much sodium so retain water


Beauty Secrets of India by Monisha Bharadwaj

Face: sandalwood, turmeric and water

Eyes: rosewater on eyelids or tea bags

Eye exercises: rapid blinking, palming, and roll eyes in circles, square, and diagonals. Do head stands

Lashes: castor oil thickens them

Dark circles: grated potatoes in a cloth pouch for 15-20 minutes, apples, and don’t apply rich cream in this area. Or mint leaves, 1 tsp almond oil, and 1/2 tsp honey.

Liver spots: lemon juice

Wrinkles: olive or almond oil

Skin: scrub with oatmeal or chickpea flour. Mix egg yolk, 1 tsp honey, and yogurt, leave on for 20 minutes. Also rub with strawberry, mango or grape.

Night cream: 2 T almond oil, 2 T lanolin, 1 tsp coco powder, heated in a bowl in a pan of water, then add 2 T rosewater

Skin in shower: scrub with salt and olive oil, bath with powdered milk, turmeric powder, chickpea flour, and oatmeal. In winter, mustard powder. Mint, orange peel, basil leaves, lemon or vinegar can also be put in the bath.

Hair: coconut oil, dried hibiscus, basil, marigold, balsam leaves.

Breath: clove, cardamom, fennel

Teeth white: 1 tsp soda, 1/2 tsp salt, and lemon juice


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