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Kids’ Mind Power

Heidy, the mother of two elementary school boys reports about my Kids’ Mind Power CD and the meditation CD for adults:  “We love the cds, my son was surprised that it was for kids.  He liked the power tools, ALOT!.  We listened to the kids cd- 3 times the day we got them, and practiced for several days after with the cds.  My husband loves the one for adults at nighttime.  Your voice is very nice. As for the brain gym, we looked into another neuro program called brain builder.  Two books entitled Disconnected Kids, and Connected Kids were written by the guy who does this work. We are looking into it.  I got the book to read, very good.”  

Diego, 12, reports on his use of energy tools from a Kids’ Mind Power workshop I taught.

Cross crawl is the most useful because it aligns my body, it gets my energy balanced. It’s easy, simple, and convenient, to align your body when ever you want. I include the crossing ankles and wrists whenever I use this tool.

I’ve used aligning the meridians by thumping them when I go to bed. My sleep was pretty good, better than normal.

Ground: Picture in your mind releasing some sort of pipe from the base of your spine. Making it hip wide and go down to the center of the earth. You’re centered, sturdy, and energetically connected to the earth. It’s healthy and allows for more psychic energy to come through the body. It helps me get the right answers to my questions with spirits, to make sure the information I get is right. It’s strong and calm. You can ground people that you meet, people that you’re uncomfortable around, rooms, chaotic situations to make them calmer, and parking spaces. We were going to see a show; normally the parking lots are filled, so hard to find a parking spot. My mom told me to ground a parking spot, so we both did, and we found a decent parking spot. My mom and I were going to my grandparents’ house and we decided to ground them and their house and put roses everywhere in the house. It ended up being a very pleasant visit. Normally they’re not very accepting of my mom and her holistic interests. My grandpa started asking my mom a bunch of questions about how diet heals. Normally they don’t believe in it . After the specific carbohydrate diet; you eliminate wheat, sugar, starches, dairy, and corn. My mom started me on it when I was six or seven and I’m still on it. Before I’d get really hyper or not be able to sleep that night. When people would be angry with me for doing something sometimes I wouldn’t even notice, and other times I’d really notice. I still bang on the table or chair. When I get off my diet I do it more. That’s one of the main things the I’m still a little addicted to making noises. The whole purpose of the diet is when you eat healthy foods your body responds in a normal way. When you eat bad foods, your body acts it out. I was violent at times whenever my mom couldn’t do something for me, I’d say I’ll kill you. I thought it was normal at the time. During the test when I got diagnosed the person asked questions about what my mom reported. Now I know how much I improved. I started hating the diet, can’t eat the foods that taste good. I also had leaky gut syndrome, goes to the brain, makes me crazy.

If you want to release something that may have been upsetting you, imagine flushing it down your grounding pipe. Whenever you release down the grounding pipe, it is always healthy to fill all the gaps with positive feeling and situations—what you may want to experience, like going to Africa. To do this picture a bright gold sun over your head and fill it with positive things. Then picture the gold sun pops, and all of its energy flows down your body from head to toe. It helps me retain a positive mood.

Centering: Close your eyes and picture being in a room in the center of your head, in your brain. In that room put everything that makes you happy and a throne in the middle. I put a piano in my room. I see whales breaching in the water out the window. In the lower right corner I have a garbage can where I can put anything that bothers me, any contaminates in my energy field or anything negative that may be trapped in some of my charkas. Whenever it gets too full I press a button right above the garbage can that says, “Send away.” It sends it down my grounding pipe or put it in a rose and blow it up.

I do it a lot when I go to bed, empty my garbage can.  I think it helps me go to sleep in a better mood to fall asleep.

Roses for Protection

If you’re ever feeling like there are too many people and too many energies bombarding you at once, picture roses all around your body with no gaps where other energy can get in.  When you do this you should notice that those energies may stop bothering you. Roses are another way that you can release negative energies. Just picture those negative energies going inside the roses and then see them blowing up like fireworks. Replace all those flowers with new ones. Always remember to fill in with gold sun energy.

Clairvoyant Reading

Picture you sitting in your throne in the center of your room. Picture a flat-screen TV on one of the walls. Now imagine picking up a TV remote with a button on it saying the person whose room you want to see. Press it and watch the TV. Watch what ever comes. What you are watching may be what the person is feeling, doing, or their desires. Make sure not to actually go into their room or else they may get a bad headache or get the feeling of being invaded. When you want to stop watching, open your eyes and snap your fingers to make sure you don’t leave any of your energies with them.

I got interested in energy playing a game with my friend  where we’d try and defeat the evil Kolbolt, like the devil, big and red with evil horns! We’d use our special powers shooting balls of energy from our hands. It really started to kick off when I first went to a small shop called Karma, Psychic Boutique. That’s where I learned so much more about energies and the psychic world. The first thing I did there was I took a class on how to bend spoons using your energy. They give you a spoon, then they tell you to surround yourself with a bubble of energy, and then ground yourself with a tree root. Ask your spoon do you want to be bent? If it’s no, choose another spoon. If it’s a yes, you ask it what it would like to be bent into. When it tells you, and he gives you the OK to start bending, you do it, don’t think about it. Your spoon should bend easily with little effort. One time when I tried it, I twisted the spoon up so much that it was all wrinkly and twisted and looked like it was about to break. This really started my interest in energy and the psychic realm.


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