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Emotional Clearing


Summary of John Ruskan. Emotional Clearing. Broadway Books, NY, 20000


Ruskan believes the purpose of life is to clear our karma, unconscious blocks stored in the chakras.

p. 19) 1. Awareness: intellectual, knowing that we project suppressed energy. Own it.

2. Acceptance: mental, thinking; Don’t resist or avoid. Accept.

3.Direct experience: body/feeling without resistance, analysis, or blame. The event is experienced on a body level until the energy is dissolved. Feel it in the body, as the energy moves. Keep breathing.

4.Transformation: spiritual, transcending through witness consciousness and the higher transpersonal intelligence guides the energies, leading to internal catharsis and unexpected creative external change. Activate the Third Eye.

Problem solving: awareness of the problem, accept that you don’t know the solution (Zen), witness it, assign the problem to your higher self, then forget about it. Wait for the solution to appear.

p. 27 Emotions are nothing but energy moving through the centers of consciousness. _Blocked energy can cause disease.

p. 36. The problem is that our unconscious self-rejection prevents us from really facing our feelings, even when we want to–we have lost the capacity for feeling.

p. 45. Integration does not mean that the negative side of any dualistic experience is eliminated, but that our perception of the negative changes so it is no longer disturbing.

p. 49. In direct experience, there is no thought present, no comparison or evaluation, just awareness of what is.

p. 50 while the mind is always in either the past of the future, the body is always in the moment because of its feeling nature–feeling is inherently in the moment.

To release negativity stored in the muscles, chakras, and organs+ massage, energy work, yoga, breath work,

p. 58 _fritz Perls, Anxiety is the experience of breathing difficulty during any blocked excitement.”  _Breathe deeply into the blocked chakras as you hold the feelings or event in your consciousness. The prana that is taken in with the breath as an intelligence of its own, much like the cells of the body do, and will find and stabilize the energy imbalance. 8p. 59)

p. 62 _the health of a center corresponds to its ability to receive and express universal energy into consciousness, through the function of feeling. Healthy cakras are vibrant. Unhealthy chakras are blocked and stagnant; the energy does not flow easily, leading to negative conditions such as depression, addiction, or poor health.

Addiction supplies energy to maintain the block

Love is unconditional acceptance.

p. 93. Inner awareness is the ability to be in touch with your feelings, to be conscious of what is in your inner world as you function in the outer world.

_Different kinds of feelings+ core feelings are not emotions but reactions to experience. _Emotions result when core feelings are filtered through incorrect beliefs. _Emotions always indicate a body/mind conflict. (96) Moods are vague feelings of discomfort, traced back to the lower chakrask. Meditation is the bet time for working with recurrent moods.  _Attitudes represent our defenses, opinion, and, in general, suppressed patterns. _They are largely unconscious…  Impulses and desires are inner urgings to satisfy perceived needs.  _Addictive compulsions. _Body sensations. _Feelings re energy-based and occur in the chakras.

____110. _The realization that you are projecting is the most important aspect of awareness.

_Acceptance happens when the mind has come to ret. 118 Growth occurs through integration, not change.

_Dualism means that happiness and unhappiness always go together. Jung said we must accept the shadow side of ourselves.

_Self-rejection involves repression/suppression, resistance, blame, guilt,

Allowing (1639 feelings to exist without resistance eventually results in their cycle of energy being completed. _stay with the experience of processing the feeling until you sense a change, a shift in the energy–the feeling will no longer have the same urgency about it.

__Relax the body, aware of tension, breathe into it. __Don’t: try to analyze and understand; these insights will come spontaneously as a result of the integration that direct experience will bring.

168 _confront and integrate the cravings, using the powerful help of breath and bodywork. You can beat cravings with acceptance.

___Best to work in alpha. Own, accept, experience, witness. 172Allow the feelings to remain in your consciousness until you feel a shift-until the feeling starts to link to another related feeling or diminshes. You’re not going back into the past to try to understand. You are bringing up feelings for acceptance experience, and integration.

_Witness with the higher self, activating the 6th.

190 In cleansing, psychic toxins are released into consciousness, becoming temporarily intensified. _These patterns, being energy formations, have a pseudo intelligence of their own, and they sense the threat to their existence. You may even think of the patterns as representing sub personalities.

_Breathe. _To strengthen aura, 6 foot sphere around you, colorful, inhale a beam of silver-white lighten shinning down from the sun, entering the top of our head, going down to your solar plexus, where it forms an energy ball about one foot in diameter. _As you exhale visualize the energy ball expanding to fill the entire aura, forming a shell at the edge. _To ground, inhale blue-green earth energy coming up and filing your entire body, vibrant, warm, nurturing, and loving. Exhale reddish-black color back to the center of the earth through the 1st chakra. Yin.

_The Witness, keeping your eyes closed look up with the physical eyes to the 6th between and above the eyebrows, looking up as far as possible. _Visualize yang and yin energy meeting at the 6th as you inhale. As you exhale, visualize the energies spinning clockwise. Invite the Witness to come forward+ detachment, choicelessness, and unconditional happiness.

_Cleansing breath; breathe through the nose, spine upright, as the chakras connect to each other through the nerves that run along the spine. _Do progressive filling, lower part of the torso first, filling 1st to 7th chakras. Exhale in opposite order. If you feel discomfort, blocks in chakras. _Can also do root lock and perineum lock. Tongue pressed against the roof of the mouth, switch is closed and energy will circulate. _Can partially constrict throat muscles and inhale deep aah sound, exhale hissing ee sound. _Exhale twice as long. to release suppressed energies from the chakras.  Orbiting, imagine a bright blue ball of energy going up the spine and in front. In charka breathing, breath into each chakra to direct prana.

Integrating breath is used for strong release or to accelerate oxygen and prana. Let go on the exhale. Connected breathing is important, not pausing between exhale and inhale, find its own rate. Do about one hour.

If you need a stimulus, visualize the incident or occurrence associated with the feeling. Process the feeling by owning, accepting, being with, and witnessing. 8251) Breathe into the corresponding chakra, enter the Witness.

255 _when we achieve more of the positive, it only brings with it more of the negative.

Depression–allow it to be. Suppressing feelings requires large amounts of psychic energy. The resulting energetic depletion is the condition we call expression.


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