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The bad news: Estimate of the costs of William and Kate’s royal wedding are over $70 million, at a time when almost one-third of UK’s children are poor. (www.endchildpoverty.org.uk/why-end-child-poverty/key-facts). Is this kind of unnecessary expenditure moral? The good news is, despite upper class snide remarks about Kate’s middle-class background coming from a family whose previous generations were coal miners, his family didn’t insist that William marry a virginal royal like Diana. Also, she’s as well educated and old as he is and took out “obey” from her wedding vows. They asked that guests give to charities rather than bring gifts. The question is what kind of responsibility do we have to feed and shelter other human beings who suffer? On a lighter note, did you see the outlandish hats worn by upper-class women? (http://www.buzzfeed.com/mjs538/amazing-hats-at-the-royal-wedding ) Compare with the American hats at the Kentucky Derby (http://bleacherreport.com/articles/694068-2011-kentucky-derby-top-10-hats-at-churchill-downs#/articles/694068-2011-kentucky-derby-top-10-hats-at-churchill-downs)


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